[Photographic Resource Center] at Untitled
The [Photographic Resource Center] at Untitled serves as a professional archive for collections of photographic fine art, providing management and databasing services, conservation and proper storage of works on paper, and offering publishing and exhibition services.  We are pleased that the Photographic Society of America has chosen our Resource Center as the home for their collection of over 5,000 prints. Selections from the PSA collection can be seen on revolving display in a permanent gallery within [Artspace] at Untitled.

A dedicated climate controlled safe room has been created onsite for the storage and archiving of all types of photographic prints as well as a state of the art digital scanning studio. Untitled looks forward to being able to provide our community with a full time resource for the art of photography. Our programming will include public lectures, workshops and exhibitions devoted to the medium.

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Photographic Society of America Archive
The first collection to come under the stewardship of the [Photographic Resource Center] is that of the Photographic Society of America (PSA) comprised of over 5000 photographic prints spanning the history of the medium from the early 1900's to the 1990's. This incomparable collection encompasses every printmaking process practiced by photographers since the invention of the art and contains the best examples of the genre of Pictorialism to be found anywhere in the world. Rotating exhibits of prints from the PSA collection are exhibited regluarly in Untitled's dedicated Photography gallery.