Cell Phones in Summer
June 15 - September 15, 2012
In response to last year’s highly successful photos made on phones project, we have organized our second invitational exhibition, Cell Phones In Summer. It is an assemblage of photographs and videos made by professionals and non-professionals alike utilizing the theme of 'summer.' Thirty-eight image makers were selected to have their photos shown. We had submissions from as far away as Germany and from across the US. We asked participants to submit six images and our three judges selected one photograph from each of the winners that they felt best represented their use of the cell phone camera and creative interpretation of the theme.

Selected Artists:
Mark Alexin, Randy Alvarado, Nick Archer, Jordan Arlan, Rick Bewley, Tracey Bewley, Bryan Boone, Gynis Crawford, Gayle Curry, Brett Deering, Kelly Driscoll, Ellen Etzler, Susan Gabbard, John Gooden, Clayton Hansen, Meagan Hansen, Aaron Hauck, Michelle Junkin, Sebastian Klug, Liz MacBeen, Tanya Mattek, Phillip Moffat, Tam Nguyen, Sandy Oliver, Robin Orbach Starke, Alyce Page, Angela Renai Comer, Sam Scott, Carl Shortt, Kristin Sisson, William Struby, Adam Vermeire, Sofia Verzbolovskis, Blair Waltman, George Wilson, Rana Young, Beth Zink, and Mark Zimmerman.

Alongside this exhibition is Decade by Decade: The 1950s and 1960s, Selections from the PSA Collection on view in our east gallery.